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Cricut Design Space not working?

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Our guide tells the top 8 ways to fix any problem you might face.

Cricut Design Space can act up at any given moment when you are working on a creative project and impede your progress. Since it’s a piece of software, it can always go awry.

We surveyed our users about the issues they face when using Design Space. Depending on the responses, we have covered the top eight problems and ways to fix them instantly.

Cricut Design Space not working?

Is your Cricut Design Space not working? Here’s what you can do! 

  • Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable.

The first step is to ensure your internet connection isn’t choppy and is running at optimal speeds. A weak or unstable internet connection can put you in a bit of a jam while accessing Cricut Design Space. Try to access other websites and check if your internet connection is functioning correctly. If you can’t, restart your modem/router and see if you can access Design Space now.

  • Clear cookies and cache

Clearing cache and cookies can resolve issues using Cricut Design Space. Caches are temporary storage areas where your browser keeps copies of recently visited web pages. Failing to clear the cache can bog down your system and create issues while loading content. If you clear cache and cookies, it will free space on your system and help provide you with a convenient run of Design Space.

  • Make sure your browser is updated and compatible with Design Space.

Before looking elsewhere, it is essential to make sure you use a compatible, up-to-date browser when using Cricut Design Space. The software works well with most modern web browsers—Chrome, Firefox, and Safari—to name a few. 

  • Install updates for Cricut Design Space if any

Working on an outdated version of Design Space can be a problem-posing situation. The imperative lies in regularly checking for new updates for Cricut Design Space and installing them if necessary. Doing so can eventually shoot up the performance of the software, and working on it can be a breeze. 

  • Switch to a different device or browser

Sometimes, the problem can be your current device or browser. We suggest you try accessing Design Space on a different device or browser to determine if your current browser or device is working fine. If the problem persists, the main culprit is the software, not the device or browser.

  • Restart your device

A simple restart can be an antidote to your problems with Design Space. Doing so can help you eliminate any temporary errors that may be causing the pain. 

  • Look for error messages or codes.

Start with making a note of any error messages or codes you see when accessing Design Space and search online to find a solution.

  • Check Design Space’s socials or the official website

If none of the above solutions work, check Design Space’s website or social media channels to look for any updates regarding outages or issues. In this age of hyper-connectivity—courtesy of the boom of social media—most companies post about glitches/bugs/downtime issues in their software products online and make sure their users are aware of them.

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Cricut Design Space: A brief introduction

Cricut Design Space is an advanced, feature-rich, and user-friendly software used with Cricut cutting machine. The software lets users feed their creativity by cutting different materials and creating a wide variety of projects, including invitations, cards, home décor items, and more.

introduction to cricut design space

One of the fundamental features of Design Space is its extensive range of external images and fonts that helps users build the aesthetics of their projects. Users can also use the software to edit and overhaul their creations, including the ability to rotate, resize, and layer multiple images together. 

If you are looking for options to draw images, insert texts, and add animations, Design Space doesn’t disappoint. The software comprises pre-designed images and patterns that can be easily customized to fit their needs.

Design Space cuts above the rest for how it allows users to control the Cricut machine remotely. The software has options to adjust cutting pressure and speed, as well as the ability to preview the cut before it is made. Cricut Design Space is available for use on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, allowing users to create custom designs from anywhere. It comes in handy for crafters, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone looking to add a personal touch to their versatile creations. 


We have covered all the relevant details in this article on why ‘Cricut Design Space not working.’ If the problem persists even after laying down all the abovementioned tricks, drop in your queries in the comment section below, and we shall help you troubleshoot the situation in the nick of time. For more on Cricut Design Space, keep checking out this space.

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