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Cricut Design Space

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Download Cricut Design Space For Windows

Name: Cricut Design Space – v5.3.1
Size: 83 MB
Compatibility: Windows/MAC (All Versions)
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Downloads: 2,000,000+
Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is a complete guide to Download Cricut Design Space App. This article will cover the following: 

  • What is Cricut Design Space?
  • Top features of Cricut Design Space
  • The most recommended and reliable Cricut Design Space download methods. 
  • Is Cricut Design Space free?
  • Lots more.

If you want to learn what it takes to get your hands on a fully-functional Cricut Design Space on your PC, this guide is for you.

So, let’s dive right in.

IMPORTANT This is a fan website. The owner of the platform reserves all official rights to Cricut Design Space. We are not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Cricut. Our goal is to provide beginners with how-to tutorials only.

Downloading and Installing Cricut Design Space

Before getting down to the basics of Design Space, it is essential to learn what a Cricut machine is. 

So, a Cricut machine comes in handy to help users create stellar crafts. With its build, it can cut various materials, such as paper, vinyl, fabric, and wood, and allow users to put together an array of craft projects.

The next question is: how does this machine work?

Well, connect your Cricut machine to your computer wirelessly using Bluetooth. Once it is connected, use your computer to create and download designs. Send these designs back to your Cricut machine for cutting, and build your next idea. Simple!

Design Space is a free application created exclusively for Cricut machine users.

The app lets you create designs from scratch and enhance those who may have uploaded to the software for improvements. Once you are done designing, you can import your designs to your machine for cutting.

With Design Space, you can either upload your images or choose from the Cricut library of over 50,000 images. You can also add text, shapes, and effects to your designs. 

Design Space is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS; however, its functionality can vary from one platform to other. There can be some limitations

Top Features of Cricut Design Space

Let’s explore the top features that make Cricut Design Space stand out. 

  • Ease of Use: Design Space is intuitive and built with users in mind. Even those without prior experience can quickly learn how to use it and produce designs on the fly. The software is constantly updated with new features and improvements that are easier to adapt.
  • Seamless editing: Cricut Design Space guarantees fuss-free designing and editing, irrespective of the project’s complexity. The UI offers smooth navigation, the controls are self-explanatory, and even the enhancements are easier to work through. The best part? Most of the tasks can be accomplished in a single click! Suppose you want to modify the aspect ratio; you only need to press the clamp. That said, it is not to be contested that Cricut Design Space is the best software for beginners and professionals. 
  • An extensive library: Cricut Design Space packs a broad selection of texts, fonts, images, animations, designs, and effects to help users add creative depth to their designs. You can access over 100,000 ready-to-make projects, fonts, photos, and templates. New content is added every week as extra icing on the cake.
  • Edit + Remix projects: With Design Space, it is a breeze to personalize projects. You can edit images to a great degree using colors and effects. And, with the remix feature, you can save time by duplicating an entire project and then making changes to suit their needs.
  • Support for versatile materials: Cricut Design Space has the widest selection of materials that it supports. In addition to traditional materials such as paper and cardstock, Design Space supports other materials, including vinyl, fabric, and even leather. This makes it ideal for those who want to create unique projects.
  • Easy sharing: Cricut Design Space makes it easy to share designs. By tapping on the ‘share’ button, you can share a link to their designs via email, social posts, or even generate a QR code. 
  • Auto-detect feature: With the auto-detect image trace feature in Design Space, you can convert a printed image into a digital design. Simply upload an image, and Design Space will automatically detect the outline of the image for tracing. Next, add some fills or lines, and the design will be ready to cut! 
  • Design here, there, everywhere: You can access Design Space from any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile. Plus, there is no software to download or update! And since projects are stored in the cloud, you can pick them up from any device right where they left off.

Cricut Design Space Download on Windows

Cricut Design Space is available for Windows and works like a dream. In fact, users tend to get the best results from using Design Space on Windows due to the ease of use and flexibility of accessing the software on a computer.

In the next five minutes, we will cover the most reliable and trusted Cricut Design Space download method for Windows.

Follow the steps below to install and launch Design Space for Windows.

  1. Make sure you have a working, glitch-free internet connection. Next, open an internet browser, and visit
  2. Tick the box to agree to the terms of use, and soon, you should see the ‘Download’ button turning clickable. 
  3. Tap on the ‘Download’ button. 
  4. At this moment, you should see your screen turning a little different, and a message should be displayed saying ‘preparing the download.’
  5. Almost instantly, you will see that a .exe file is downloaded at the bottom left of the screen. 
  6. Tap on it, and a set-up window should get launched, suggesting the installation progress. 
  7. Once the installation ends, sign in with your Cricut ID and password. 
  8. You will automatically see a Design Space for Desktop icon on your computer. To pin the shortcut, right-click the icon and select Pin to Taskbar.

Requirements to Download Design Space for Windows

  • Windows 10 or later;
  • Dual-core processor (Intel™ Dual-Core or equivalent AMD® processor);
  • RAM: 4GB;
  • 2GB free disk space; 
  • An available USB port or Bluetooth connection; 
  • Minimum 1024px x 768px screen resolution
  • Broadband connection 
  • Minimum 2-3 Mbps download
  • Minimum 1-2 Mbps upload
  • Standard data rates to apply.

How to Launch Cricut Design Space for Windows?

Follow these steps to launch Design Space on your Windows. 

  1. Tap on the Windows icon at the bottom left of your computer screen or go to the search field adjacent to the icon. 
  2. Select the Cricut Design Space to launch the application. If you have not pinned the app’s shortcut to the taskbar, you can do it now from the options below. 
  3. Click ‘Open.’
  4. Sign in with your Cricut ID and password.

How to Uninstall Cricut Design Space for Windows?

You can easily uninstall Design Space if you do not want to continue it. Follow the steps below to learn how. 

  1. Ensure the Design Space app is closed properly. If it is not, you will face issues in uninstalling the app. 
  2. Start by reaching out to the ‘Start’ icon at the bottom left of the screen. Once there, search Programs and then select Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Go to the search field to find the Design Space app. 
  4. Once you have found the app, tap on it and hit the Uninstall button. 
  5. Confirm your action. 
  6. Once the uninstallation is complete, the system will restart.

Alternate Method to Download Cricut Design Space for Windows 

(The Emulator Method)

As mentioned earlier, downloading Cricut Design Space may have some limitations for certain users, which is why we have decided to cover the emulator method.

It is a method that transforms your Windows environment into an app-compatible environment, which can be anything – Android or iOS!

There are many emulators in the market right now, but BlueStacks and Nox emulators hold their own. These are reliable to use, pack excellence and are trusted by tech enthusiasts worldwide. 

This guide covers how you can download and install Cricut Design Space using BlueStacks and Nox. So, stay with us!

Download Cricut Design Space Using BlueStacks Emulator

Before we get down to elucidate the process, let’s check out minimum system requirements.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual-core CPU machine;
  • 2GB RAM or more;
  • 20GB of disk space;
  • Ensure that GPU drivers are modified to their latest version. 

Install BlueStacks on Your Computer

BlueStacks Emulator can be downloaded from the official website. Tap on the download link here and initiate the process.

  1. Click ‘Download BlueStacks’ and save the installer in a system-compatible file, such as .exe or .jpg.
  2. Next, open the setup file, allow the required permissions by selecting ‘I Agree,’ and choose finish.
  3. A few minutes later, your download will begin, and the emulator will be installed.
  4. Now, sign in to the emulator by creating your username and password. 
  5. Choose your location and preferred language. Tap on ‘continue.’ You have successfully logged in and are ready to use BlueStacks. 

Download Cricut Design Space Using BlueStacks

  1. Open BlueStacks and navigate to its home page to visit Google Play Store.
  2. Sign in to Google Play Store using your Google account credentials. 
  3. Go to the search field and tap ‘Design Space.’
  4. On finding the app, tap on ‘install’ and wait until the installation ends. 
  5. You should see the app in the app drawer of the BlueStacks emulator once the installation ends.
  6. sign in with your Cricut ID and password, and enjoy the experience. 

BlueStacks is one of the best out there, so using the emulator for Design Space download is the most recommended method. 

If you are facing any issues installing the app with the regular method, this would definitely work for you. And by any chance, BlueStacks is incompatible with your device; you can check out the next method we have covered here using the Nox emulator. 

Download Cricut Design Space Using Nox Emulator

Nox Emulator belongs to the best lot for its excellent features and reliability to use. Following are the steps to download Cricut Design Space using the Nox emulator. 

Install Nox Emulator on Your Computer

  1. Download and install the Nox emulator from its official website. 
  2. The process is similar to that of BlueStacks download and install: open the installer file by double-clicking on it >> save the file in a system-compatible file (.exe or .png), agree to the permission >>  tap on Finish. 
  3. Wait till the installation ends, and once it does, sign in to the Nox emulator by creating your username and password. 
  4. Configure settings as per your preference. 

Download Cricut Design Space Using Nox

  1. On Nox Emulator’s home page, search Google Play Store. 
  2. Log in to Play Store using your Google account username and password. 
  3. Once inside, go to the search box and type ‘Design Space’ to find the app. 
  4. Tap the ‘install’ button next to the app icon to start downloading.

Once downloaded, Design Space is ready to use. You can find the app in the app drawer of the emulator.

That’s all for this guide on downloading Design Space for Windows using emulators. 

BlueStacks and Nox emulators are the best of the lot, so these can help you get Design Space to fire up your creativity. Don’t forget to keep tabs on your system requirements before turning to these emulators.  

Is Cricut Design Space Free?

Yes! Cricut Design Space is completely free to install on any device of your choice. Also, there is no limit on how many devices you can get the software installed on. 

Once you have downloaded the Design Space and your Cricut machine is connected, a world of creative possibilities awaits you. The app has a wide variety of fonts, pre-loaded images, and more at no cost. 

You will see certain content on Design Space with the letter A marked in green. This is premium content available to Access members.

Cricut Access is a subscription users can avail to tap into premium content. You can get Cricut Access if you regularly use Cricut machines to create designs. 

Cricut Design Space- The Bottom Line

This guide covers everything you need to know about downloading Design Space for Windows. 

If the regular way doesn’t work for you, there is always the emulator way to explore and resort to for trying Design Space with your Cricut machine. 

Try out these methods and let us know if you face any problems in the course. 

Meanwhile, you can check out our blog section to explore more about Cricut Design Space for Windows computers.

Updated- Cricut Design Space is a powerful software platform developed by Cricut that offers users a creative and user-friendly environment to design and bring their projects to life. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, Cricut Design Space provides a wide range of features, tools, and resources to enhance your crafting experience. From designing intricate cuts to creating personalized projects, the software allows users to explore their creativity and unlock endless possibilities